Romania is one of six target countries in the BiG>East project. The objective is to promote biogas as renewable energy source and as waste treatment technology. This is achieved by the implementation of training courses for farmers and mobilisation campaigns for decision makers. Dedicated studies on biogas opportunities, policies and barriers in Romania support this initiative.

For further information on the BiG>East project please download the poster and flyer here.



Biogas Opportunities in Romania


The BiG>East Consortium is investigating the opportunities for biogas implementation in Romania. This includes an assessment of the biogas potential in Romania. The following studies were elaborated in the framework of the BiG>East project:


- Ghid pentru selectia de locaŃii potentiale pentru fabrici de biogaz România


- Sumarul pachetului 2 de lucru



Policies and Barriers for Biogas in Romania


Policies are important in order to create a favourable framework for biogas production and use in Romania. On the other side, there are Barriers which hinder the application of biogas technologies. BiG>East investigated policies and barriers in Romania.


- Raport despre Evaluarea Politicilor din România


- Raport despre bariere ale imlpementării biogazului în România


- Itinerariu al politicii pentru implementarea la scara mare a biogazului în România



Biogas Training in Romania


In the framework of the BiG>East project three training courses for farmers are implemented in Romania. The training courses are currently under preparation and more information will be available soon.


Training material as well as a biogas handbook including an economic calculation tool was elaborated and can be downloaded here:


- Biogazul Ghid Practic


- Chestionar principal Evaluarea Cursurilor Biogaz


- Report of the first training course



Mobilisation Campaigns for Decision Makers


In the framework of the BiG>East project two mobilisation campaigns for decision makers were implemented in Romania.



Contact in Romania


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