The BiG>East Consortium includes twelve partner organisations from Europe.



  - WIP Renewable Energies, Germany  
  - Slovenian Energy Restructuring Agency, Slovenia  
  - Ing. Gerhard Agrinz GmbH, Austria  
  - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, Greece  
  - Ekodoma, Latvia  
  - Energoproekt jsc, Bulgaria  
  - Hrvoje Pozar Energy Institute, Croatia  
  - Finsterwalder Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany  
  - German Biogas and Bioenergy Society, Germany  
  - N. Poushkarov Institute, Bulgaria  
  - SC Mangus Sol SRL, Romania  
  - University of Southern Denmark, Denmark  










WIP Renewable Energies (Project Coordinator)



WIP has been active in the clean energy and environment sectors for over three decades, providing a range of technical expert and non-technical services to both industrial and public sector clients at the international level. In the field of bioenergy WIP is involved in several projects which have the overall aim to support the development of the European bioenergy sector through the stimulation of new biofuel markets. WIP offers project development, project management, technical supervision and realisation of both large- and small-scale projects, which involve the co-ordination of international consortia.


Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Dominik Rutz M.Sc., Dr. Rainer Janssen




Slovenian Energy Restructuring Agency



The Slovenian Energy Restructuring Agency (ApE) was established in 1991 as a private company with the agreement and support of the Ministry for Energy of the Republic of Slovenia. ApE is an independent agency and the collaboration with ministries is normally organized on the basis of public tendering processes and contract agreements. The services of ApE include analysis, consulting and feasibility studies, as well as implementation and dissemination processes. The Slovenian Energy Restructuring Agency analyses energy problems with focus on technical, structural, financial, legal, environmental and behavioural issues. Furthermore, it develops and presents recommendations for dedicated actions, offers information to decision makers and creates public awareness.


Contact: Matjaž Grmek




Ing. Gerhard Agrinz GmbH



Ing. Gerhard Agrinz GmbH (AGRINZ) is one of the leading engineering companies within the environmental, energy and infrastructure sectors in Austria. The company is inspired by the idea of optimizing environmental processes and has made this to be its primary corporate policy. AGRINZ is a technical company with two offices in Austria. As an engineering company operating independently from industry and trade, AGRINZ supports customers in all areas of business activities with know how. The key core competences are arranged into several autonomous business segments and comprise project management within environmental technologies and water management. Biogas production, biogas conversion, waste water management, IT services, facility management, and renewable energies have grown into important business sectors. The services cover all project phases, from project management, financing, planning and building supervision right up to actual commissioning.


Contact: Gerhard Agrinz




Centre for Renewable Energy Sources



The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) was founded in September 1987 and is a non profit entity that has financial and administrative independence. CRES is supervised by the Ministry of Development and the General Secretariat of Research and Technology. In accordance with the policy of the Ministry, CRES is active in the fields of RES, RUE, and Energy Saving (ES). Its primary aim is to promote technological applications in these fields, both at a national and international level. CRES was appointed by Law No 2244/94 as the National Centre for Coordination in the fields of its activity; it acts as an advisor to the Greek State, and has established a highly visible profile of a strong and reliable national energy centre.


Contact: Konstantinos Sioulas







Ekodoma is an independent engineering company, with more than 10 years’ experience in the field of efficiency and renewable energies. The Ekodoma team consists of specialists and experts working with energy and environment audits, business plans, expertise, methodologies and follow-up activities. In the past, EKODOMA has undertaken a large number of successful local and international projects on energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy policy – including several projects with the European Commission. Ekodoma provides project development activities, project management instruments and the overall technical supervision of projects with focus on the assessment of social impacts, energy efficiency & renewable energy issues and interfaces to other relevant environmental fields. Ekodoma is putting strong emphasis on the economic, social, legal and administrative framework of strategies for energy policies.


Contact: Ilze Dzene




Energoproekt jsc



Energoproekt jsc (ENPRO) is a company with a history of over 50 years. It has business contacts with leading engineering companies from Canada, France, Germany, Russia, USA, Poland, Spain and many other countries worldwide. Within these contacts, the collaboration, elaboration and renewal of the power generation sector is very important issue. ENPRO has investigated, designed, supervised, participated and consulted in various stages of implementation of over 100 major projects in countries on four continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and America, namely in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Romania, Algeria, Libya, Mozambique, Iraq, Syria, Laos, Cuba and Nicaragua.


Contact: Palmen Manjukov




Hrvoje Pozar Energy Institute



The ‘Hrvoje Požar’ Energy Institute (EIHP) launched its activities in October 1994. The establishment of the Institute was an answer to a high priority need for system planning and organised economy in the energy sector during transition changes in Croatia. The institute is a non-profit institution, supervised by the Republic of Croatia. Special attention is given to international co-operation, the EIHP membership in professional associations and agencies, as well as participation in international programs that are funded by the European Union. Bilateral co-operation with similar institutions from developed countries, as well as co-operation with eminent manufacturers, international agencies and financial institutions is highly important for the development of the energy market. EIHP and it’s experts are members of the World Renewable Energy Network (WREN), the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and active participants in Bioenergy Agreement of the International Energy Agency.


Contact: Branka Jelavic




Finsterwalder Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG



The Finsterwalder Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG (FITEC) is an engineering company that is specialised in the development and planning of biogas plants for the utilisation of organic residues from agriculture and industry. Furthermore, the development and application of rating methods for deposition and refuse disposal site security systems on basis of long-term emission forecasts in soils and aquifer is part of the companies working field. FITEC advises operators of biogas plants in questions of plant operation and creates concepts and feasibility studies, including the plant and energy lay-out, the basic material and the handling of residual material. Furthermore, FITEC develops garbage processing systems (also as Add-on-units), contraries removal systems, treatment procedures for fermentation residues and process control for the automation and monitoring of biogas plants. In the field of waste disposal sites and residual waste, FITEC creates risk analyses and assesses security systems on basis of such risk analyses. In the field of biogas plants, FITEC works on the procedural treatment of contraries in the organic residues and the rating of organic residues in terms of their fermentation suitability. Besides that, FITEC is active in the assessment of the fermenter’s biological conditions and the application of gained results for the reactor’s feeding process.


Contact: Tobias Finsterwalder




German Society for Sustainable Biogas and Bioenergy Utilisation



The German Biogas and Bioenergy Society (GERBIO) is an association and network of experts and companies, as well as interest groups and educational institutes in the field of biogas and bioenergy. GERBIO is active at regional, national and international levels, setting up additional impulses beyond the traditional lobby work. The company is striving to cover the growing demand for independent dissemination and information in the field of biogas and bioenergy by the implementation of educational activities and dedicated project implementation methods.



Contact: Michael Koettner




N. Poushkarov Institute



The N. Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science (IP) was founded in 1947. The staff of the Institute consists of 190 permanent positions with high multi disciplinary scientific research experience and experimental field activities in all relevant fields (e.g. agronomy, soil science, agro-chemistry, biology, microbiology, chemistry, physics, etc.). The Institute coordinates national and international (FAO, UNEP, EC, USDA, EC) research projects in the field of soil science, agro-chemistry, agro-physics and agro-ecology. The institute holds comprehensive data collections that include information on physical soil properties; soil hydraulic properties; organic carbon stocks; field plots for soil erosion studies; subsoil compaction, as well as best practice experiences and long term project results. Furthermore, the Institute maintains an unique gene-collection bank with strains of bacteria and other micro organisms that can be used in different experiments and project issues. The collection is a member of the World Cultures Collection.


Contact: Svetla Marinova-Garvanska




SC Mangus Sol SRL



SC Mangus Sol SRL is a company that is active in the commercial and R&D field. The company runs the first and most important web-portal for ecology and sustainable development in Romania. During the last years, the company got involved in alternative energy equipment and business consultancy in the field of renewable resources. Based on the activity of the research team members, Mangus developed a consultancy group that acts as project management body for solar and biomass development projects, including resource evaluation and monitoring, market studies, bussiness plans and the promotion of new technologies. Mangus is the representative of Ageratec (biodiesel equipments) and has extensive experience in bio-processors and ancillary equipments. One of the most important projects of the group is the development of an integrated agricultural platform for biodiesel production and the assurance of energetic self-efficiency. The scientific approach aims to impose sustainable development models in agriculture and implements a pilot platform in southern Romania.

Contact: Augustin Ofiteru




University of Southern Denmark



The Bioenergy Department is organised under the Faculty of Technology at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). The department is a research and development unit with broad experience and knowledge in the field of biomass related energy systems and dissemination activities in the field of biogas from anaerobic digestion. Up to now, numerous national and EU-projects in this field have been successfully co-ordinated and carried out. The Bioenergy Department of the SDU has a long history of interactive collaboration within the country’s cross-ministerial biogas follow-up programmes, coordinated by the Danish Energy Agency. The analysis of pre- and post- treatment technologies for biomass feedstock and the impact of the legislative framework on the development of biogas in Denmark are actual research topics.


Contact: Teodorita Al Seadi